Otoplasty surgery Patiala

Otoplasty surgery Patiala

If you have misshaped or protrude ears then Otoplasty is best option for you to correct your ear deformities. Clinic reborn provides the best treatment for Otoplasty surgery Patiala.

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty (prominent ear correction) is a plastic surgery procedure that corrects the deformities and improves the shape and position of the ear. It is also known as pinback Otoplasty. Otoplasty can be done at any age after the ears developed their full size — usually after age 5. Otoplasty would not change the location of your ears or effect on your ability to hear.

Technique used for Otoplasty: –

During Otoplasty surgical procedure medications are required for your comfort such as anesthesia. Protruding ears correction uses surgical techniques to increase the antihelical fold that is just inside the rim of ear and reduce the enlarged conchal cartilage that is largest and deepest concavity of the external ear. Otoplasty procedure requires some small incisions on the back of surface of ear. If incisions are necessary at front of the ear, they are made within its fold to hide them. After surgery your head will be bandaged with soft padded bandage to heal your ears. To get smooth recovery your surgeon will give you instruct you about your recovery and precautions that how long you will wear this bandage and how to manage while you sleep.

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Otoplasty surgery Patiala

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