Lip Enhancement Surgery Patiala

Lip Enhancement Surgery Patiala

Plumpy and fuller lips are associated with healthy body. As your age increases your lips become thinner and less in volume that makes you older. But you can achieve your sensual lips again with lip enhancement surgery which gives you natural result. Clinic reborn is the best clinic for lip enhancement surgery Patiala.

Lip enhancement surgery-

Lip enhancement surgery is also known as lip augmentation surgery is a cosmetic procedure which alters the appearance of lips by increasing their size and shape that makes lips fuller and plump. The surgery can be done in many ways-

  1. Fillers – fillers are the injectable dermal to the lips that make lips fuller. There is no need any cut or incision because filler substances are directly inserted into lips through injection.
  2. Lip implant – this method for lip enhancement requires small incisions at the corner of the lips and then surgeon will create a thin tunnel into lips to insert the implant. Before trimming the incisions, ensure that the lip implant is placed properly. Then the incisions are closed to required length of the lips. The lip implant provides an even natural looking and improves the size of the lips.
  3. Fat transfer – lip enhancement with fat transfer involves removing the fat from your body (thighs or abdomen) and injected it into your lips. These injections leave very tiny marks on the lips which is likely to invisible.

Benefits of lip enhancement surgery-

  • This will turn your lips into an attractive look.
  • The beauty of lip enhancement will not leave any mark of surgery when operated.
  • Lip enhancement surgery gives you youthful and attractive look that improves self-confidence in yourself.
  • This surgery will take little time to operate and recovery and you will get your natural lips again.
  • Excessive use of lipstick and glosses can damage your lip boundaries that make your lip dull, but lip enhancement surgery can help you to achieve again that beautiful lips.
  • Your fuller lips can balance out your face and makes you more beautiful than you are.

Reborn clinic is the best clinic for cosmetic surgeries and our professional team of doctor/surgeons will give you desired stunning look.

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