Laser Cosmetology clinic Patiala

Laser Cosmetology clinic Patiala

Laser Cosmetology clinic Patiala

There is no need to spend money on waxing or shaving. Reborn clinic provides the best Laser Cosmetology clinic Patiala. In these days, Laser cosmetology is used for a collection of gorgeous procedures such as laser hair removal treatments, Laser treatment for stretch marks, laser hair reduction, fractional laser skin resurfacing, scar treatments including acne scar, post-traumatic scar, Post-burn scar.

The field of laser cosmetology continues to grow. Another use of laser cosmetology is laser tattoo removal. Using laser cosmetology technique, the ink of the tattoo can be broken up and removed through treatments (depending on the size and location of the tattoo). By expanding the use of cosmetic lasers, we can offer new and less invasive ways to achieve improvements in the face and body.

Clinic REBORN is equipped with the state of art and uses the latest technology to gives you the best treatment. The staff of our clinic believes in providing the best quality care to their patients. Along with Laser cosmetology, REBORN clinic provides also provides the following services:

Reborn clinic is the best cosmetic surgery center in Patiala & Zirakpur and has a team of professional doctors who are extremely talented and expertise in their work for many years and always provides the best treatment to their clients.

To book an appointment, feel free to call us on given number below or you can also visit our clinic on the mentioned addresses below:


Patiala Office: Opp. Income Tax Office, Leela Bhawan Road

Zirakpur Office: 3 Near JP Hospital, NH 21, Zirakpur-Chandigarh Road

Call at: +91-8283810265

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Laser Cosmetology clinic Patiala

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