Hymenoplasty Surgery Patiala

Hymenoplasty Surgery Patiala

Hymenoplasty Surgery Patiala

Reborn clinic provides the hymenoplasty surgery Patiala at very affordable price. In these days you will get new body by plastic surgery such as nose, breast and a new hymen as well.

What is hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty or Hymenorrhaphy is the surgical procedure to restore the ruptured hymen. Hymenoplasty surgery can be done in two ways –

  • If the remnants of the hymen are present, then it can be stitched back together.
  • To reconstruct a new hymen using tissues from the patient’s body. Along with restore the hymen, you can also get the vaginal walls tightened.

This surgery will repair the hymen, but you will experience bleeding and discomfort when next time it ruptures.

Reborn clinic center is equipped with the state of art and technology to provide you the best treatment. Our clinic staff believes in providing the best quality of care to his patients, combining the surgical expertise with a personal & honest approach.

Reborn clinic is the best cosmetic clinic in Patiala and it has team of professional doctors. They are very talented and expertise in their work for many years that give you the best treatment. Reborn clinic offers several cosmetic surgeries: –

Hymenoplasty is a safe procedure to restore a new hymen but before your surgery you need to be very careful and make sure that you are comfortable with doctor. Our doctors & staff are expertise in their work and provide you full satisfaction by our services.

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Hymenoplasty Surgery Patiala


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