Ear Correction Surgery Zirakpur

Ear Correction Surgery Zirakpur

Ear Correction Surgery Zirakpur

If you have any deformities in your ear and you want to correct your ear shape and size then you must go for the ear correction surgery. Clinic reborn is the best clinic for Ear Correction surgery Zirakpur. Clinic Reborn provides the best treatment for all the cosmetic surgeries in Patiala as well as Zirakpur.

First of all we discuss about WHAT IS EAR CORRECTION SURGERY?

Prominent Ear Correction is a cosmetic surgery which is performed to alter the size or shape of the ears, or pin them back if they stick out. It is also known as otoplasty surgery or pin back otoplasty. This surgery can be done at any age after the overall development of the ear to its full size. Ear correction surgery wound not effect on the ability to hear or would not change the location of the ear.

At clinic Reborn, you will get the best team of professional surgeons who are expertise in their work and performed ear correction or otoplasty surgery. The otoplasty surgery generally involves:

  • making one small cut (incision) behind the ear to expose the ear cartilage
  • removing small pieces of cartilage if necessary
  • scoring and stitching the remaining formation into the desired shape and position

Along with the otoplasty surgery, clinic reborn also provides other cosmetic surgeries which include liposuction surgery, reconstructive surgery, lip enhancement surgery, laser hair removal treatment, hair transplantation treatment, breast lift surgery, breast implants surgery, breast reduction surgery, tummy tuck surgery, Male breast reduction surgery, thread lift treatment, wrinkles treatment, botox treatment, chemical peel treatment, hymenoplasty surgery, bariatric surgery, gynecomastia treatment and much more.

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Ear Correction Surgery Zirakpur

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