Breast Augmentation Surgery Patiala

Breast Augmentation Surgery Patiala

Breast Augmentation Surgery Patiala

Reborn clinic provides the best breast augmentation surgery Patiala. Breast augmentation surgery is the best way to improve your breast size and shape. Many women choose breast augmentation surgery for various reasons such as- after weight reduction or pregnancy, during breastfeeding.

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, also referred as “breast aug” involves breast implant and fat transfer to increase the size of the breast. This is a reconstructive surgery that can restore the breast volume and size after weight reduction or pregnancy to achieve a shape of breast or improve natural breast size asymmetry.

Breast augmentation procedure: –

Breast augmentation procedure requires small incisions on breast which are according to requirement to emplace the device on breast. Sometimes these breast implant devices are filled with saline solution or silicone gel or sometimes the surgeon filled them later during surgical procedure. The surgeon will perform very small incision and scars will be smaller than the surgical incision. The breast implant surgery usually takes between one or two hours.

The breast enlargement surgery usually lies under the breast tissue on top of the chest muscle, but it sometimes put under the chest muscle. This reduces the chance that the edges of the implant will show, and it may reduce the risk of a complication called, Capsular Contracture.

After surgery, the scars of incisions will take some time (2 months) to recover properly. You should follow the rules and guidance of your surgeon for the best results. Reborn clinic is the best clinic for other cosmetic surgeries and our experienced staff will give you the best treatment. Here we perform following cosmetic surgeries –

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Breast Augmentation Surgery Patiala

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