Medical Treatment

Approved Medications:
Following medicines are approved for male pattern baldness by FDA: 1 - Finasteride

 Finasteride is used in low dosage of 1mg/day? Finasteride has been proven to be effective in men who experienced hair loss problems in mid-scalp and the vertex area. 

How Does It Work?

It is a inhibitor 5 alpha reductase enzyme and hence prevents the conversion of testosterone to its more potent form  DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which is the main factor in male pattern baldness.  As the consequence, DHT level is decreased and the miniaturization of hair follicles is lowered. Finasteride generally causes little side effects. Reportedly, there have been mild cases of erectile dysfunction and lowered libido. But these cases are rare and usually return to normal on discontinuation of finasteride.  


2 - Minoxidil

There are 2 types of Minoxidil: 2% and 5%. Minoxidil has been proven to be effective in men and women who experienced hair loss in the vertex. It has not been medically concluded that it is effective in the anterior scalp and bitempora

Just like Finasteride, patients should wait and see for a year after first taking the medication before passing judgment on its effectiveness. If a patient suddenly stops using Minoxidi, its cumulative benefits will be lost. The patient should apply Minoxidil to the scalp area twice a day for the minimum of 1 year.

How Does It Work? 
How Monoxidil  influences hair growth is still unknown. Besides its vasodilating property , it may act as a potassium channel opener therby enhancing the growth of suboptimal follicles. The only thing that has been proven is that 5% Minoxidil is more effective than 2% Minoxidil solution in influencing hair growth. Systemic side effects are rare as only 1-4% of the applied amount is absorbed systemically.


3. Nutrional Supplements

Studies have shown that poor nutrition, limited food intake, and deficiencies in certain nutrients can cause thinning. These include deficiencies of biotin, protein, zinc and poor human iron metabolism, although complete baldness is not usually seen. A diet high in animal fats (often found in fast food) and vitamin A is also thought to have an effect on hair loss.