Laser in Cosmetology

Advances in cosmetic laser technology have helped make lasers, in addition to the traditional surgical procedures, an exciting and important component of the care and the rejuvenation of the cosmetic patient. Thus, We, at our state-of-the-art Reborn Clinic, has incorporated cosmetic lasers as an integral part of aesthetic surgical practice.


We have with us US FDA approved lasers from lumenis which are among the best in world. Our diode laser is gold standard for laser hair reduction. With AcuPulse CO2 Fractionated laser you can regain those lost years with minimal downtime.


By expanding the use of cosmetic lasers , We can offer new and less invasive ways to achieve improvements in the face and body.

Some of our procedures are following
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Laser Hair Reduction
Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing
Laser Treatment of Stretch Marks
Scar Treatment  (Acne Scar Treatment | Post Burn Scar | Post Traumatic Scar)
Following services also available at Reborn
Pigment Correction | Wrinkle Removal Reduction | Skin Tightening | Mole & Wart Removal | Under Eye Dark Circles